A little bit of process

My process for an illustration starts with a sketch for planning.  I was asked by a local comic book artist to do a piece for his next issue of Meteors and Milk.  I began with a sketch of his 2 main characters and my main character Jack.

With these 2 sketches I get to work out some of my ideas before laying down the pencils and inks for my final piece.  I did the pencils and outline work on an 11×17 comic book page.

Then I import this image into Adobe Illustrator to begin the process of creating a digital, full color, illustration.

I usually put each character on ther own layer and go through from the very front character all the way to the background, organizing my layers to make the process easier.  Then I do all the line work with the pen tool and play with fill colors until I get something I like.

After I get the flats done I move on to shading and adding fine details.

I’ll post the final piece in another post.  Stay tuned for future updates and when I finish my comic book.


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