Hub City Comic Con

Today marks a big day for me as I just registered for an artists table at the Hub City Comic Con!  This will be my first con event as an artist, I have been as a fan and spectator, but now I am moving on and taking that leap of faith.  I have been working more and more on my art everyday.  You can see most of my new work on Istagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Behance.  Since I graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design I have slowly been moving away from design to illustration.  I now work as a graphic artist at Lone Star Learning and I love everyday I am here.  I have been working hard on my comic book, no title yet, but it’s a reboot of my contest entry for Webtoon called Jack’s Gauntlet.  I have recently been learning how to draw digitally with my new Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus on my iPad mini using Sketchbook Pro.  The stylus was only $20, marked down from $99 and so far I love using it.  I do wish it had the hard nib that the second iteration has but what ev.  I am excited and looking forward to my first comic con so stay tuned for updates and art posts.  Have a good day everybody!



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