Working hard at Lone Star Learning

Since I got a new job as a graphic artist in August of 2015 at Lone Star Learning, I have been working harder at my sketches, illustrations, and digital art work.  I use Adobe illustrator and a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet to get most jobs done.  I create cartoon like characters for children’s learning supplies and I love it.  I mean I get to draw all day every day and then I draw when I get home.  I love drawing and working hard and I know it will pay off one day.  I feel like it’s already paying off because I now have a job as a graphic artist.  In 2009 I was a truck driver at Budweiser and now I work full time as an artist.  If I can change my career path so can anyone with enough hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn.  All of these images are property of Lone Star Learning and cannot be used without permission.


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