First 7

Today I completed my 7th sketch for my 30 day challenge.  It is hard to do things every day for 30 days.  It’s hard to work out for 30 days straight and it’s hard to make time to draw everyday for 30 days straight.  Sometimes you hit a road block, which I quickly turn to the good Ol’ internet for inspiration.  I don’t feel that I have to draw an original sketch, if I can take a really good piece of art and recreate it in another style that suits me fine.  Here are my first 7 sketches.

 1st up is Spider-Man 

Day 2: Batman vs. Spider-Man   
 Day 3: Hellboy

Day 4: The Savage Dragon vs. Invincible 

 Day 5: The Walking Dead mixed with Texas Tech

Day 6: Bartman

 Day 7: Tokyo Ghoul



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