Day 2 on Kickstarter

Today is day 2 with our game on Kickstarter.  If I did my math correctly, and I probably didn’t because I am the artist, then we are 6% of the way to our goal.  Brian and I have been working on games together for the last 7 months and we are really wanting to work on games full time.  This Kickstarter campaign is the gate to walking down the road of our dreams.  We need everybody’s help to make this dream a reality.  We are only asking for $50,000 for Brian to work full time on the game.  If we reach our stretch goal of $100,000, then I can work on this full time as well.  Brian put a lot of thought, and did a lot of research, on running a Kickstarter campaign.  From what he has told me the $50,000 mark is an average.  If you look at how much it cost to make big titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 ($265 Million USD) or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ($275 Million USD) then $50,000 – $100,000 is a drop in the bucket for producing a game that is hours of entertainment.  Another thought is that each of those games had hundreds of people working on them, with hundreds of man hours spent in design and programming.  In the case of our game, Transcend, it’s like Bill Wither’s says, it’s just the two of us.

All the work we have put into making this game, and others, so far is from my spare time and Brian trying to make a living.  We have 4 backers as of day 2, all we need is 4,697 early bird backers and we are fully funded for the $50,000.  We are really trying for the $100,00 which is why we have perks like “Celebrity Bronze” where for only $100 you can get your likeness in the game as a non-playable character.  Another perk is “Celebrity Silver” where for $400 you can become the main character in the game.  We also have lower perks like Beta access and graffiti art, even a high five.  We are really trying to make these stretch goals worth while and if you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to stop by out Kickstarter page and leave a comment.  We look forward to feedback, suggestions, and finishing production on the game.  Thanks in advance to everyone that shares this or buys the early bird!


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