Check Out my design interview

Recently I submitted an interview with a printing company in Korea called 247 Printing Asia: Korea about graphic design and the industry I work in.

Here’s a link to the interview shown below: Insights of Sales Marketing

What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry?

The biggest changes I see in design is more access to free programs that can be used to create vector or raster art. This is causing a decline in stock images because there are so many people creating illustrations for themselves, rather than buying stock illustrations. Another change I see in the sign industry is the constant change in electronic signage like the electronic commercial displays. All sorts of restaurants are even switching their menus to digital displays over printed menu boards. This gives designers a new challenge. We can’t just design static images anymore. We must learn how to animate and even create 3D images. It is scary and exciting at the same time.

What opportunities and challenges will these changes bring about?

The opportunities co-exist with the challenges. If you can overcome the challenge of learning new software or how to animate, then your opportunities can pay off big time. If you can’t accept the challenge of learning new software or techniques then you will be stuck in the mud and become a one trick pony.

What are your biggest goals?

My biggest goal at the moment is to get the indie game, Transcend, I am currently working on finished and funded so I can continue to work on video games. I also have a dream of drawing a comic book some day.

Who and what would you need to reach your goals fast?

I need funding for our game. We have a Kickstarter page:
I also need people to vote for our game on Steam’s Green Light to get our game developed that much faster.

Finally, who should contact you and why?

People looking to get designs for all sorts of media should contact me because I went to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and got my degree in graphic design. This has helped me get a full-time graphic design job and that job has given me a lot of experience in the graphic design industry. Even people looking for character designs for their own video games can contact me.


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