First 3D rendering.


It is just a cup but, it is the beginning of my experience with 3D software.  It took me three tries to get it to this point and there are still a few things I don’t like about it but practice makes perfect.  I downloaded the free software called Blender and watched a You Tube tutorial and followed the steps.  Seems simple enough.  next on my list for practice is a few more videos from tutor4u who has great videos for beginners using this 3D software.  I would recommend this to anyone looking to advance their skills as a graphic designer, illustrator, game developer, or anyone looking to make their own 3D animated cartoon.  There are even tutorials on creating minions from Despicable Me, which is definitely on my list of things to make in Blender.  This software is what I will be using to create my characters and backgrounds for TRANSCEND, which will hopefully help us get a green light on STEAM and help us get more backers on our Indie Go Go page.  As an artist and a graphic designer I have to stay ahead of the curve and since I graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh I feel like there is so much more to learn.  Going into day 1 of class I thought I had a lot to learn then.  Nobody tells you that when you get done you have so much more to learn.  I have heard it before that after college, when you find a job, they will teach you things, but I didn’t know it would be this much.  To everyone reading this please head my advice and start now on learning something new, to try and keep up with whatever industry you are in.  This will make you more desirable as an employee or a freelancer.  Start today with something, just choose one thing and learn it well enough to use it and then move on to something else.  It can seem daunting, but every mile is traveled one step at a time.


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