Updating my brain

Many times we upgrade our cell phones or computers to the latest software.  I recently updated my Note 3 from KitKat to Lollipop and it looks great, but there were issues.  After looking it up on the internet I found that many other users were experiencing technical difficulties and there were many work arounds that can be found in this article.  Many times we are either hesitant or excited about these updates.  I was excited about Lollipop and kitKat as well as Yosemite for my Macbook Pro and iMac.  Even on my PC at work I will be excited for the free upgrade to Windows 10.  With every update or upgrade there can be benefits and issues.  I feel the same way now about my design work.  I was thinking about the same concept for myself in that I need to upgrade my skills.  Upon opening up to the public with our game on Steam’s Greenlight and our Indie Go Go campaign, one of the biggest gripes about the game is the graphics.  The complaint being that it looks like a flash game.  This means i can do one of two things: ignore them and release the game as is or learn a new way to create a better looking character.  I am choosing to learn a new program to upgrade myself from flat character models to 3D character models.  YouTube is a great resource for this and I am watching these Blender Tutorials to learn how to use the free 3D software Blender.  This can be a bit risky considering we have a demo and a Greenllight page, as well as a crowdfunding campaign, but I think it will be worth it for the people buying and playing the game to feel like they are getting what they paid for.  With this in mind I am now working on updating the character models into 3D renderings.  Wish me luck and please support us on Green light and IndieGoGo


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