300! Yes votes on Greenlight!

This is SPARTA!  Well not really but our game has reached 300 yes votes on Greenlight and is 16% of the way to the top 100, which will get us some much needed attention form Valve.  I wish I had more time to work on the game and hopefully I will when we reach our goal on Indie Go Go.  We only have 4 backers so far and we are hoping that goes higher because of the advertising Brian paid for.  Otherwise it is up to us to get more attention for our game.  I am updating my twitter feed daily and it still isn’t enough.  I am really considering learning new software like Blender to created 3D characters.  Brian told me that I can save them frame by frame for a 2D game and it will still look 3D, so I am hoping to boost the games awareness by creating a 3D character soon.  Through research Brian has become aware that the first campaign usually doesn’t succeed, but we are very hopeful and doing a lot to push the game on my blog sites, Facebook, and Twitter.  Everyday I find new ways to get awareness for our game out there.  There are so many sites and blogs to take advantage of and to use to garner the attention we need.  There is also a Lubbock Comic Con Brian and I are considering getting a table at to drive our game further.  We still have a long way to go, but dreams are made through hard work and determination.  The Lubbock Comic Con is a prime example.  It has been in the works for 2 years and I have been anxiously waiting.  I have been to a few small comic cons here in Lubbock that were upstairs from the Art Festival.  I loved them and met so many people.  Comic cons are a great way to connect to people quickly, not as good as twitter, but to see a face and shake a hand is so much better.


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