Old School

I am a huge fan of old school games.  I still play Mario 64 and recently purchased it on the Wii U for $2.  You can’t beat a deal like that.  I love old school games because Nintendo was the first gaming system I got for Christmas when I was a kid.  Sure my dad had an Atari, but my parents divorced when I was 6, so shortly after that video games became my escape from reality.  if you look into the past, many forms of entertainment helped people escape their problems, if only temporarily.  Look at the great depression.  People went to the cinema to escape the reality of their life during that time.  Comic books were the same as well as many other things.  For me it was comic books and video games, but video games gave me the ultimate form of control. I couldn’t control my parents getting a divorce, I couldn’t control what happened in each issue of The Amazing Spiderman, but I could control whether Mario made it to world 8-1 via the warp pipe in stage 4-2 or ran straight through every level to save the princess.  I could control many different characters through many different worlds and solve the problems of those alternate realities.  Sure they aren’t really alternate realities, but to a kid with divorced parents and a 1 year old sister, those games became my alternate reality.  If video games didn’t exist or I hadn’t received the NES before my parents divorced, I probably would have found some alternative and probably more addictive and dangerous means to escape reality sooner than I had.  So I tip my hat to the creators of all those old school video games i hold so dear to my heart and as I now make my own video games like Transcend and Run Bot Run, I hope that my games can be that escape from reality for some other kid that lost his parents to divorce, because let’s face it, you don’t just lose one parent, you lose them both to their new lives, while you remain the kid they had while they were married.  So everybody continue to face reality and pursue your dreams.  Whatever helps you move on and grow.  Also I made some covers showcasing what our game would look like if it were published on the systems I owned or wanted so badly as a kid.  Feel free to comment about what helped you through a hard time in your life.

TranscendGameNESCartridgeTranscendGameBoxN64 TranscendGameBoxPS1 TranscendGameBoxSNES


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