We are now live, up and running, on STEAM Green Light and Indie Go Go.  Please check us out, play the demo, vote for us, back us, anything to help us get this going.  We are two game developers looking to support ourselves by making video games.  The production is only half the effort, the other half is advertising.  As annoying as commercials are, products don’t get the same attention without them,  We don’t have money for commercials, so we have to do free advertising on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.  if you can please help us in this effort and I will gladly help you in return.  Comment on this article with the things you need help promoting.  If you are an artist or writer I can share your blog on my Twitter feed.  If you have your own games I can help promote them as well.  Just let me know in the comments and please check out our Steam Green Light page and if you like the game back us on Indie Go Go.  The game is called Transcend and you play as a regular guy attempting to save both time and space by traveling between worlds and going back in time.  You travel through doors to get to different worlds trying to pick up the pieces so the universe can be set back on course.  This game is in development so many aspects may change before the final product comes out.  This is your chance to have a voice in what goes into a game and a chance to play it before it is available to the public.  The demo is available on Google Play and on out Tent Maker Games website.  Just click the link for either platform and we hope to get onto the Xbox One in the future and of course on STEAM.  Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi!


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