Transcend Kickstarter and Green Light

It turns out we are definitely doing a Green Light on Steam with our Kickstarter campaign, which means we will most likely be selling it one Steam.  It has been a difficult road to walk down, doing art for a video game and working full time as a graphic designer, but hopefully this Kickstarter will catapult us forward enough so I can quit my job as a graphic designer and work full time on the game with Brian.  My goal as the artist working on this project is to create some great art for this game.  As of now the art is decent and about half of it isn’t even my own, because I do not have entire work days to devote to creating the art and so to save time and get the Kickstarter and Demo going Brian has spent his savings on buying what he needs.  The finished product will only have my art in it, but it won’t get done as fast if I have to continue on course working two jobs.  I hope that our game inspires other indie developers to do the same and follow their dream of creating their own video game.  Working on video games has really been a dream come true and I wish other people could follow the same path.  I know it is hard to take that first step into the unknown, but you are carving your own path in this world.  Don’t leave your life in other people’s hands, take it and run with it.  If you are an artist, create masterpieces.  If you are a programmer, create amazing programs or video games. If you are a writer, write the next great literary masterpiece.  All it takes is a few steps in that direction and before you know it you are running full speed.  You don’t need everything up front, all you need is will power.  You don’t need expensive programs to write code.  You don’t need to break the bank to create art work.  All you need is the will to do it.  There are tons of free programs to create video games.  Brian uses Game Maker to create our games.  We have one on the Google Play and Windows store already.  You can also download Unreal and Unity and start making games today!  This is possible.  If you have a computer, and I assume most people reading this do, then you can create.  You can use Blender to create 3D game characters.  you can use Inkscape to create vector graphics for your games.  There are so many possibilities.  All you need is that first step.  Even if you don’t know how to do something there are so many You Tube Tutorials out there.  There are Game Maker, Unity, and Unreal tutorials on You Tube!  If you can think of it you can create it.  It has never been easier to do something.  You don’t need a fancy degree, which I have and now owe tons of money for, to get started; all you need is will power.  Today is the day!  NO MORE EXCUSES!  Go create your dream and stop sitting by like I used to.  You can do it!  All you need to do is take that first step and keep walking.  Thanks in advance to everyone that plans on supporting us on our Kickstarter or Green Light.


3 thoughts on “Transcend Kickstarter and Green Light

  1. Hey, I checked out the draft you posted up and this is actually a pretty neat concept for a puzzle platformer. It seems a bit backwards to kill yourself to solve a puzzle but the novelty of the idea as a game mechanic seems to be part of what enhances its intrigue. My blog isn’t about video game design, but I have started a video game designing team recently and its practical to witness other indie game designers in-progress projects.

    Btw, what is a steam Green Light? Could you explain a bit about it?


    1. Steam is an online store where you can buy many games from AAA titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 to Indie games like Super Meat Boy. Greenlight is a section on Steam where you can pay to have your game voted on to see whether or not you can sell it on Steam. If you get enough votes not only will you be able to publish it to Steam, but they will help you in testing the game and debugging the game. I hope that helps, that is my understanding of how it works.

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