Brian Colon the genius behind our new game Transcendent has created a Kickstarter page.  It isn’t set up for funding as of yet.  We are looking for feedback and any ideas for making the game better.  We love making games and this game is near and dear to Brian’s heart.  He has been working through this idea for several years, and was going to create the game by himself, getting art through various sources on the internet, until he ran into me.  Call it fate or destiny, even divine intervention if you will, but we began talking about games the first day we met and it all stemmed from me asking if he liked his Surface Pro 3.  From there I told him that I was a graphic designer and the rest is history.  We had a meeting a fed days later to discuss our plans and how we would go about working together and now we have one game published, and two games in production.  This is very exciting and we both look forward to feedback on our Kickstarter page.


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