Wolverine and Pider-Man and my love for creating.

I love drawing!  Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed putting pen or pencil to paper to create things.  I attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for a bachelors degree in graphic design.  Along the way I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which was enjoyable, but I also found out that I love illustration.  I found this out in an illustration class.  Our assignments pushed us to create new illustrations of new ideas rather than rehashing another person’s creation like I have done in this post, with these sketches.

I currently work full time as a graphic designer and it pays the bills, sort of, but my true passion is illustration.  Much of my work can be seen at my other blog and on the Behance network, which I frequent often for inspiration and ideas.  My career as a graphic designer is taking a turn for the better.  I recently joined Brian Colon to form a small company called Tent Maker Games and we released a game called Run Bot Run.  This game is about a robot that is a slave to his creator and in the process of slaving away at his menial task he becomes self aware, much like the movie Short Circuit or even Wall-E, and tries to escape his enslavement.  I added 16 other playable characters to this endless runner and the process of creating this game was nothing short of amazing.  I found that not only do I love illustration, but I also love creating!

I am now working on two other games, one about an astronaut lost in space and the other about a man that cannot die, and I love doing it.  I am not making any money currently, but that isn’t stopping me from creating.  I am going to create until I get paid to do it because I love it.  So I encourage everyone reading this to CREATE and never stop doing it!





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